For transcription services, we use a spoken-language source audio or video file and convert the message contained there into a written document file suitable for printing.

Transcription in over 60 languages
Revision and correction teams to ensure the quality
Turnaround times according to the client's needs
Transcription from different audio and/or video formats


U.S Government

The client worked directly with the United States Department of Homeland Security and required specialized transcription services with high levels of quality and fast turnarounds, even for rush requests and/or special events out of business hours. They also needed someone capable to work with any type of available file.


ACSI presented a proposal to proactively transcribe high volumes into English, being available out of business hours and having an exhaustive revision process that meets the client's demands and quality standards.


ACSI became a strategic partner for the client, who has access to fast and effective transcription services, with an average of turnaround time of 24 hours or less, depending on the case. We also work with any source file format provided by the client.

We are a firm specializing in language access solutions that offers comprehensive, fast, and effective assistance in more than 60 languages, including sign language, to respond to our clients' needs, and supported by our vast experience in multilingual services and multicultural marketing.

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