Our services provide equal access to communication for all by promoting a higher level of efficient and effective correspondence for deaf/hard of hearing individuals and/or communities. We utilize sign language interpreting services where the interpreter uses a system of articulated hand gestures to allow for double-discussion.

Teams with qualified interpreters in multiple areas
Interpreters of different modalities like ASL, CDI, TSL.
Assistance before, during and after the event to ensure the quality of the service
Effective communication that goes beyond barriers


U.S Government

Various District of Columbia agencies repeatedly rush through their requirements for translation and interpretation projects, which left them over budget and non-compliant with language access.


The ACSI team meets with various agencies to understand the different requirements that call for language translation and interpretation and the various layers of approval to deploy services.


We streamlined the approval process that engages various stakeholders. The system minimized rush requests and lowered overall operating budgets by decreasing rush requests and the cancellation fees associated with interpreting. The ACSI team also developed best practices that have improved the ability of District employees to develop translation reviews.

Multilateral Organizations and Global NGOs

The client has different agencies to cover its interpretation needs, since none of them can cover all the language needs of the school.


ACSI offers the client a package of services to simplify this task by providing interpretation, even for rush requests, in both American Sign Language and foreign language for the multiple events of the school. We also give them advice regarding the interpreters distribution and provide technical equipment.


The client can now organize events easier and more effectively, for all necessary services are in one place, allowing for better coordination and higher quality meetings. Our firm specializes in comprehensive, fast and effective language access solutions in over 60 languages, including sign language, in order to respond to client needs; we are supported by our vast experience with multilingual services and multicultural marketing.

We are a firm specializing in language access solutions that offers comprehensive, fast, and effective assistance in more than 60 languages, including sign language, to respond to our clients' needs, and supported by our vast experience in multilingual services and multicultural marketing.

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