We understand your business and take care of your specific needs by implementing comprehensive language access solutions. We are designed to work with clients who understand and wish to avoid the operational and reputational risks associated with translation, interpretation, and localization services that disregard the linguistic and cultural particularities of each regional audience.

Marketing and public relations

Today’s businesses and government agencies realize the influence of multicultural buying power and are investing in the market research necessary to connect buyers with targeted products and services. In order to make the most of these investments, companies are looking to our teams to support their global channels in market research translation, survey translation, audience reports, country reports and other technical processes. We also provide market research firms with focus group support at all levels, including: multicultural research and recruiting, bilingual moderators, simultaneous interpreting, translation of bilingual transcripts, and backend analysis and implementation.


Marketing and public relations

Marketing and PR organizations are highly regulated and have a high level of sensitivity for public perception.


The ACSI team worked very closely with these organizations to provide support in times of crisis or on communications that were scheduled as part of an overall communication strategy.


The ACSI team remains the trusted partner of marketing and PR departments for major transportation systems and utility companies. This partnership allows our stakeholders to focus in overall strategy development and execution, instead of spending time worrying about cultural nuances in translations that might impact the brand.

We are a firm specializing in language access solutions that offers comprehensive, fast, and effective assistance in more than 60 languages, including sign language, to respond to our clients' needs, and supported by our vast experience in multilingual services and multicultural marketing.

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