We understand your business and take care of your specific needs by implementing comprehensive language access solutions. We are designed to work with clients who understand and wish to avoid the operational and reputational risks associated with translation, interpretation, and localization services that disregard the linguistic and cultural particularities of each regional audience.

Health insurance companies

When your customer cannot understand your different channels and the plan they have, as well as prevention, diagnoses and treatments, they can end up with further complications and higher insurance costs. Our translation, interpretation and localization services help you communicate with your members – through language/cultural consulting, document translation, in-person interpreting, or phone interpreting solutions.


Health insurance companies

The nationwide insurance company was having challenges doing outreach for non-English speaking members.


After extensive research and an understanding of stakeholders in the different core regions of the insurer, the ACSI team proposed a localized approach to outreach by defining content specific for each region, terminology, and style that would impact a particular community. For example, the Hispanic community in the D.C. region and the Hispanic community in Miami speak the same language but come from different nationalities and have different levels of literacy. We also provided style guides and similar communications.


The insurance company has improved client engagement and overall communication. This created a positive impact on their customer service; improved campaigns that promote good health, which in turn lowered costs of insurance claims; and improved their relationships with government accountability groups.

We are a firm specializing in language access solutions that offers comprehensive, fast, and effective assistance in more than 60 languages, including sign language, to respond to our clients' needs, and supported by our vast experience in multilingual services and multicultural marketing.

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