Promoting Conferences to non-English Speakers

How to grow attendance of non-English speaking audiences at events.

Why is attendance low at conferences targeted to non-English speakers?

Organizations are spending on interpreting services for their audiences, but are not reaching out to those audiences prior to the event – to make them aware the conference is happening in the first place.

In order to increase attendance at conferences, organizations should be marketing the event to non-English speakers ahead of time. They should also be targeting the right audiences, in order to attract the most qualified attendees.

4 Types of Marketing Outreach

1.     Email Campaigns – By creating a targeted list of non-English speakers, you can send a series of emails leading up to the conference. Each email should include varied language, which becomes more urgent as the event gets closer.

2.     Letters – Sending a personalized letter helps your marketing efforts stand out. Create a succinct, one-page document that attracts interest and encourages your readers to sign-up for the event.

3.     Radio – Broadcasting your conference via radio expands the reach of your marketing. With a carefully crafted message targeted to the right non-English speaking radio audiences, you generate excitement around your event.

4.     Cultural Centers of Influence – Getting your information to churches, community centers, and other area programs helps you tap into valuable segments of your target audience. Browse the websites of these organizations to see how you may be able to get the information in front of their members or participants.

How ACSI Translations Can Help

You put a lot of time and resources into planning a conference, and we help you get the most value from those investments. Our team develops and executes outreach campaigns to help you define your targeted, non-English speaking audiences and then uses industry best practices to get the information to the right people in the right medium.

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