We Made a Big Change - and Here It Is

New ACSI Translations Logo and Tagline

Meet our new logo. You’ll notice a couple of differences right off the bat. One, this version is more colorful, yet remains conservative, to speak to our audience. Second, it has a tagline - “Solving your language puzzle” - which reflects our aim to bring all the pieces of our work together. It also positions us as the language consulting firm we are today. To see how we got here, you can head over to our About Us page

New Branding in Place

To support all of these changes, we spent a lot of time and energy updating our online and offline communications. On our website, you’ll notice some new language and a few new pages, all of which tie together our purpose and passion. Coincidentally, in the pursuit of delivering our message of “Solving your language puzzle,” we had our own puzzle to navigate as we aligned our online and offline messaging. We wanted it to be just right, and we hope it feels that way.

Again, thank you for helping us make ACSI Translations a growing, thriving organization. We are looking forward to taking this new identity and mission with us as we forge new relationships and bring language solutions that help you solve your puzzle.